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Using mobile phone battery efficiency

After selecting the style, design, feature phone, you will pay attention to a hidden factor behind the other lovely crust: the mobile phone battery. Despite spending millions to have a fashion phone, but really when you annoyed flickering battery. If carefully review the text on the battery, you will learn some interesting things. Battery capacity is measured in mAh (milliampere hour). A battery of 800 mAh capacity, in theory, will work longer type 550mAh capacity. However, battery life depends on the care and use of the battery. Newer mobile phones have time to wait for a few days even using a 550mAh battery, but the actual talk time only a few hours. In general, the battery gets bigger, the heavier the greater capacity. With advances in technology, there have been large capacity battery, but the small size. The first technology applied in Nickel Cadmium batteries are batteries (NiCad), Nickel-hydrate and then the metal (Ni-MH), Li-thium-ion (Li-ion) battery is the latest and litium-Polymer (Li Depot). The same size, but with a capacity of 550mAh NiMH batteries, Li-ion batteries also can have sizes up to 840mAh. Thus, new technology batteries price is always higher than older batteries. Li-ion and Li-Po is often used in high-end phones aimed at reducing the volume of the phone. Weaknesses, strengths of batteries Nickel Cadmium batteries are the least expensive but have many inconveniences such as small size, or a bottle. Battery bottle phenomenon, also known as "memory effect" due to improper charging. With this battery, the battery needs to be recharged every new. If not out of battery that provides charging, the battery will recharge energy levels recorded at charging and when used, on this level, the battery will be reported before. Quite common in older phones is battery Nickel-metal hydrate (Ni-MH) due to higher capacity NiCad batteries. NiMH batteries are not harmful to the environment and also less memory effect. You only need to discharge the batteries run out of energy every week or fortnight. The main disadvantage of NiMH battery is not durable. After several hundred charges, the battery will be weakened. Most newer phones use Li-ion and Li-Po. This two kinds of memory effect should not be able to charge the battery at any time, except when the battery is full. The longevity of the Li-ion battery is not high. Using the same technology for Li-ion battery, Li-Po battery but can be produced in many different shapes. While Li-ion battery is only one form of rectangular bars. Battery Care Many regular daily charging, the charging time is about two hours. However, the battery charging properly, or insufficient charging process will affect battery life. You should be aware of the electrochemical process affecting battery life. After a number of charges, the maximum capacity of the battery will decrease by 20% compared with baseline. Ni-Cad batteries, after 1,500 recharges, capacity fell to 80%. NiMH and Li-Po batteries, only after 300-500 charges. As for Li-ion battery, after 500 -1000 charge. Therefore, people often have to buy a new battery charger earlier, compared with periodic charging. However, the battery is not always possible on the new charge as capacity reduction. Battery life depends on how preservation. For durable battery, should focus on how the new battery charger. You need to charge the battery and rinse 3 to 4 times before use to ensure maximum use of battery power. This applies to all types of batteries. How to discharge the battery: Rechargeable battery for the first time, the phone will report full battery in 10-15 minutes. You draw charger, then plug it in again, start charging again. Keep doing this for 3-4 times. When not in use, you remove the battery and store in cool, dry place. Excessive heat will affect battery life. If not used for a long time, after restarting, you must also buy a new battery when charging. Note that, although not used, you must also charging and discharging batteries periodically 2-3 months. Inactive and not charged, the battery will lose the ability to accumulate energy and discharge. When the device indicates low battery reminder, meaning that need charging or replacing batteries. If you continue to use your phone, you need to turn off the bells, lights screen, turn off vibration. Then you turn your phone off for a while, and then on again, the battery standby time will be a little longer. There are three principles of use and storage battery that the user needs to remember. First, keep the battery careful not to fall or collision with hard objects. Regular hygiene point of contact between the battery and the phone circuit with an alcohol swab. Second, to turn off the power before removing the battery. Failure to do this process will affect the quality and battery life. Finally, do not leave the battery under the sunlight or near a heat source.

The World Health Organization announced Thursday 31/5/2011 that mobile phones may cause brain cancer. So how to ensure the best health when using a mobile phone?. Mobile phones communicate by using the signals of radio frequency spectrum. The signal beam RF (radio frequency) Intangible penetrate the human body when the device is used and potentially long-term can cause cancer, also have the ability to affect cognitive function, memory as cause a loss of Ward and dizziness. Here's how to avoid them so as not to affect health when using cellphones 1. Balance between security and convenience wreak While there are many studies showing the adverse effects of the use of cell phones, there are also many studies refute affect health. This creates an uncertainty and so, they continued that interest, increased use of mobile phones. This is understandable because the mobile phone is very convenient, they allow people to connect with each other quickly and keep people in touch with the world. However, an experiment with more than 2-4 billion people around the world showed that 70-80% of the energy of the handsets had infiltrated the brain, but long-term effects are not yet known exactly. So, on balance between convenience and health impact, users should rebalance, should reduce exposure to radio waves emitted from cell phones. 2. Back to the wireless phone user Should use wireless phones to communicate on behalf of the mobile phone while at work, at home, ... should be used wired phones for long conversations. 3. Limit the calls for too long by cellphone So long conversation via mobile phone exposure increases the radio signal emitted by devices with the human brain, even a 2-minute calls also alter brain electrical activity. Thus, by reducing the time used for mobile phones and use when needed, users can reduce the impact on the brain. 4. Use the headset to increase the distance between your phone and your head The best approach is to use mobile phones increase the distance between the user and the radio waves emitted by the phone. When the conversation, so to phone in speakerphone mode. Using multiple messaging over phone calls as well as how to avoid close contact phone capita. However, it should not be abused too much texting. When texting, emailing, ... should keep the phone away from the body. The unit should be in pairs (handbag), stay away from the body. Keep the phone away from the dial connection. Since that time the phone uses more radiation than talktime. So let's look at the screen until the call is put on listening new connections. A study has shown that, if the men to the phone in his pocket can decrease sperm count by 30%. Therefore, it should keep the phone away from all the important parts of the (heart, liver, ...). 5. Standing in one place when calling cellphones If you've called recently moved, more radiation would be emitted because phones need to keep in touch always be connected when the user moves. This includes walking and the car. When the user moves, the device continues to scan to keep connected while changing position. 6. Turn the phone off when not in use Cellphone when on standby still emit radiation, only to turn them off, the new radiation ceases. So, when you need to turn off the phone. 7. Consider whether your child or restrict cell phone use should only be used in emergencies Remember, children are more sensitive to the radiation emitted by mobile phones. Child's skull is thinner and typically developing brain. Because they are growing, the cells divide faster, who, this means that the effects of radiation can lead to more serious consequences. 8 Search for products designed to protect while using cellphone There are several devices on the market established for that purpose, for example, EMF protection device of the phone. We have small chips or buttons to minimize the impact of the signal emitted by cell phones. 9. Buy Cellphone low emission rates Click on each brand phone, users will see all kinds of phones are sold in the market and their radiation levels.