If you bought a blacklisted phone, we will remove blacklist which can unblacklist so you can use it again


T-Mobile and Sprint Blacklist Service

Blacklisted phones removal service

If you bought a blacklisted phone, we will remove the phone from the blacklist, allowing you to use it as intended. Once you have determined and confirmed that it’s blacklisted, please call us at 469-237-6409. All we need is the same 15-digit IMEI. Do note that this service also works for Samsung, HTC or any device on T-Mobile network or Sprint. Please note that the service doesn’t remove it from unpaid bills list. It will only fix if it’s reported lost, stolen or blocked.

After my device is cleaned, can I activate it on the T-Mobile or Sprint network again?

Yes, you can. However, if your device was blacklisted due to a financial status, there is a possibility of your device becoming blacklisted again. In that case, I suggest unlocking your device and switching carriers.

Will this service unlock my device?

No, this service is to change your device's IMEI status to clean. It will not unlock it.